History and Mission of Asbury House Child Enrichment Center

"Wouldn't it be something if..."

Oftentimes it’s a single question that sparks a needed change in our hearts and in our community.  One question, asked nearly a half-century ago by a group of local United Methodist Women, was the catalyst for establishing Asbury House Child Enrichment Center.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

…children in low-income families had access to high-quality, Christian education?”

Their original question led to the development of Asbury House, a preschool that 'nurtures preschool children and  families to strengthen our community for generations'.

Since 1969, we have strengthened our ministry by dreaming big and continuing to ask ourselves, "Wouldn’t it be something if... ...all students were uniquely treasured?".

Each week two of our Asburies are spotlighted for the Stars of the Week. Their child-created posters are displayed at the front of the school and their pictures are featured on our Facebook page, celebrating their uniqueness. Our Stars get to hold the flag for the Texas and American pledge and lead prayer every morning.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

...we could show God’s love to our neighbors and help break the cycle of generational poverty?"

Since 1969, we have supported families by making it possible for them to persevere through financial struggles. Every parent who enrolls their child at Asbury House must be attaining a degree, achieving a certificate of training, or working to attain status as a contributing member to our community. These dedicated parents contribute 26 percent of our yearly budget through parent fees.

In 2012, we responded to the needs of our community and expanded to serve an additional 22 students a year. Currently 25 percent of children in Longview are living in poverty, and the average cost of two preschoolers in daycare greatly exceeds the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment. Even with our expansion, we have a substantial wait list. The need is great for us to continue to dream big and do our part to break the cycle of poverty.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

...we could transform families by preparing preschoolers for elementary school and beyond?"

It only takes one child to make a difference in a family, something that we have seen time and time again in the over 2,000 children who have attended Asbury House.

We have earned an unwavering reputation by providing an exemplary education for at-risk children in order to give them a fighting chance in their educational career. Throughout our history, we have witnessed academic success because of a strong, school-ready curriculum that aligns with early learning state guidelines.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

...children were able to learn about God and worship Him with their body and mind?"

Our students experience God’s love through the consistent care of our devoted teachers and volunteers. Daily devotions, music and chapel nurture their souls in a safe, secure, loving, Christian environment.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

...we could provide a preschool that nourishes not just minds but bodies?"

Our children enjoy a lovely playground furnished by The Johnson Foundation and weekly gymnastics to cultivate their gross motor development. Students receive two healthy meals and snacks to feed their growing bodies.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

...all of our students felt uniquely treasured?"

Birthdays are a cause for celebration at Asbury House, as each student receives their very own cake, candles and a hearty round of Happy Birthday from every student and teacher in the school.

"Wouldn't it be something if...

....community partners came alongside Asbury House to nurture financially-disadvantaged children and families?"

Asbury House receives no federal or state funding. While our students’ parents are required to contribute a portion of the costs for their child’s tuition, more than 60 percent of our funding must come through the generosity of individual and community donors. Whether it is a regular monthly contribution, purchasing student-created artwork at a special event or sponsoring one of our major fundraisers, there are many ways to partner with us to impact our community for generations to come.

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