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Executive Director's Welcome

Welcome to Asbury House Child Enrichment Center!

God gives us a special window of time in which young children are most open to learning new things, and that time is during the preschool years. Since 1969, Asbury House has made the most of this precious time in a child’s life to fully enrich each of our students’ minds, bodies, and souls.

It’s very rewarding to be part of enacting lasting change in our community by enriching the educational experience of disadvantaged children so that they’re ready for kindergarten and beyond. We know the nurturing they receive at Asbury House makes a difference in their lives and in the lives of their families for many years to come!

Asbury House is truly the epitome of love and joy. We hope to see you soon!

Ms. Mattie
Asbury House Child Enrichment Center

Meet Our Administrative Team

Ms. AnJelika

Education Director

"I love seeing my children succeed"

Ms. Timberlye

Assistant Education Director

"The people who love Asbury House are the best in the world"

Ms. Renita

Office Manager

“Time spent working with kids is never wasted.”

Meet Our Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are certified, prepare children for kindergarten, and incorporate the most up-to-date educational practices, including technology. Each staff member receives ongoing professional development.

Ms. Mavery

3-Year Old Classroom Teacher

Ms. Roshundra

3-Year Old Classroom Teacher

Ms. Maggie C.

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Sarah

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Maggie P.

Bi-Lingual Teacher

Chef Gina

Children's Chef

Ms. Luz

Bi-lingual Assistant

Ms. Noreen


Ms. Valla